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Using and taking care of your Fairy Berry Light’s

Using and taking care of your Fairy Berry Light’s

Hello and thank you for purchasing me!  To ensure that we have a long working relationship together please take note of the following:

  • I use 2 x CR 1120 batteries.
  • My light is magical. I twinkle like a star and I am reusable!
  • I have a cavity that allows you to thread florists wire or gut through my body so that you can hang, wire or spike me and place me in wreaths and floral arrangements.
  • I also float in water and can be placed in glassware, votive’s, cocktails and just about anywhere your imagination can conger up a use for a small little light like meJ.
  • To activate my light you must open my unit and pull the paper tab out then close my unit again. I am now  ready to operate!
  • I do NOT have an on/off switch. To switch me off you need to remove my batteries.K You can put one battery in the wrong way up for storage purposes or store the batteries separately.
  • When removing me from liquid please wipe me down with an absorbent cloth before opening the unit and removing  my batteries.  Keep my unit open for a while and make sure I am bone dry before you store me back in my box.
  • Please do NOT store me or my batteries in direct sunlight, L  find me a nice dark, cool spot to live in.

If you have any problems with me or are not sure of how to take care of me please call my suppliers and they will take care of you. Tanya  082 854 6627 or Richard 071 670 2030. Last but not least - Have fun!

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